Why Your Current Treatment May Not Be Working

Birth control pills are like a band-aid. They only treat symptoms, not the root cause. PCOD is a lifestyle condition with individual variability and complex hormonal interactions and discrete mental health needs. Considering PCOD/PCOS – A ONE SIZE FITS ALL TREATMENT APPROACH will fail you.
Lifestyle Factors play a major role. Modifications, such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management, good night sleep play a crucial role in managing PCOS. However, implementing and sustaining these lifestyle changes can be challenging for many individuals. So, we are on a mission to help the PCOS/ PCOD warriors through our wellness programs.

What change we target at?

Our wellness coaches- Nutritionist, Behavioural coach and lifestyle coach, seek to serve the PCOD/ PCOS community with knowledge, support and transformational tools to achieve their health back again!

  • Higher Energy with improvements in nutrition
  • Regular Periods without the use of hormonal pills on longer run
  • Weight Loss with reduction of insulin resistance
  • Better moods even just before period
  • Improved fertility as your hormones are nourished and balanced

Confused by all the information out there to manage your PCOS? You’re not alone here. We encourage you to bring all your questions to our consultation

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