Are you worried of being a Diabetic?

Tired of the painful pricks?
Unable to enjoy food due to restrictions?
Exhausted with Medications? Endless doctor’s visits? and medical bills?
Then you need to revolutionize your approach!

Several studies, especially DiRECT trial, which was published in 2017 have shown that adopting a healthy lifestyle, including changes in diet, physical activity, stress and sleep along with conscious weight management, can lead to significant improvements in blood sugar control and even remission of type 2 diabetes.

Take control of your diabetes in a smart way,

Our Diabetes program is specially designed to help people in remission of diabetes using a multidisciplinary personalised approach with a thorough assessment. It offers helpful, practical, and reliable guidance from a team of specialists, including a Nutritionist, a Health Coach, and a psychologist, in getting diabetes under control.
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Get Convenient, Virtual Medical Care.
Phase 1 – Conscious clean eating with SMART Goals
Phase 2 – Organic and sustainable lifestyle choices
Phase 3 – Modifying your metabolic and biological homeostasis
Phase 4 – Sustainability and Remission

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